Oflox 200 mg Tablets (Ofloxacin)

Oflox 200 mg Tablets (Ofloxacin)

Description :

Minimum Order Quantity 1 box
Packaging Size 1 box contains 50 strips. Each strip contains 10 tablets
Brand Name Oflox-200
Active Ingredient Ofloxacin
Strength 200 mg
Dosage form; Route of administration Tablet ; Oral
Manufacture by Cipla
Additional Information Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)

Introduction: Oflox 200 mg tablet is an antibiotic that helps treat bacterial infections. It is used in treating infections of the urinary tract, nose, throat, skin and soft tissues, and lungs (pneumonia). It cures the infection by stopping the further growth of the causative bacteria.

Mode of Action: It works by stopping the action of a bacterial enzyme called DNA-gyrase. This prevents the bacterial cells from dividing and repairing, thereby killing them.

Dosage: The doctor will advise the dose and duration of the dosage form. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it.

Side effects: You may experience nausea and stomach pain as the side effects of this medicine.

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